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Pitstop Cleaning. What a name right? Well we are also proud of it! The company was founded in 2014 for reasons completely unrelated to cars, it was simply a young man trying to get through his 3rd year university fees… Hence Pitstop Cleaning exists today. So at this moment, you ask yourself if he did indeed land that bachelors degree… well let’s tell you a little bit more about Pitstop Cleaning and we will come back to this young man’s story.

We are a car grooming company. Yes, that’s all we do. We clean vehicles, but man are we so damn good at it! We are digital, we are waterless, we are cashless and we come to you! Some of our clients call us the modern day superheroes. In the comfort of your own space, you can download our free app in order to ‘Book a Wash’ or simply do this on our website; we confirm booking and come to your specified address at your specified time to wash your vehicle with our *renowned tried and tested waterless scratch-proof products; you then use your card to pay on our card reader while sharing that you are going to show off your car to friends; we advise you not to forget to fill up your tank before you go on your adventure and you are happy, that simple. This above-mentioned business process and electronic platform was tested for ease of use on a 100 toddlers and all 99, but 1, were able to follow and use our platforms and services with ease. The 1 toddler that just couldn’t get it was one of the founders’ toddlers, he is an outlier.

What we do is basic, but our end product is magnificent, unfortunately we can’t give you our clients contacts because that is confidential information, but what we will do is share our gallery with you to see for yourself. We specialize in only 3 car grooming packages, not because we are men and we can’t multi-task, but because we believe that our specialization in the 3 packages affords us the ability to deliver the incredible service that we have promised to our clients.





1. Full wash

This entails the grooming of both your vehicle’s exterior and interior. Our exterior waterless product has a wax element that ensures that your vehicle bounces off dirt more than usual car cleaning products would while our interior products renew your leather, polyester, cotton or any other material. We use vacuum cleaners along with our interior waterless products to freshen up the inside of your car. Don’t worry; we also clean your tyres and mag rims new.

2. Exterior wash only.

A quick ‘pick me up’. With this package we make sure that your car is photoshoot-fresh, well the exterior that is.

3. Interior wash only.

Forget the looks, I want the personality. We all get that feeling at times and this package comes as a solution to that. We focus on the inside only and make sure that your dashboard, seats, floor, carpets and all other interior panels are left clean and fresh.

Our specialisation in the 3 packages affords us the ability to deliver the exceptional service that we have promised to our clients.



Lethabo Floyd Moleshiwa


Innovation Expert and the brains behind this idea.


Sibusiso William Maluleke


Technology Expert and the brains behind this idea.

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